Seo Service Standard by Sid Creations

Seo service standard by Sid Creations gets you ranked higher, indexed properly and viewed more on all search engines. Essentially making the world of seo seem easy and leave your competition in the dust. Our seo services are different from other seo services out there due to our custom web site analyzing software.

The seo service standard comes with our custom seo panel tools that utilize our servers to do all the work for you.

We will personally configure all software, configure all major search engine indexing and will adjust any changes our comprehensive print out suggests to your site.

We will also monitor your websites keyword ranking making modifications when needed to both the content and code thus moving up your search ranks.

Create a Google Author Id and Publisher ID (Google plus account) if you do not have one and correctly place on your site for is included (The Author Id and/or Publisher Id is the picture next to your website url).

Our seo engineers will go through your website with our software and then modify content to focus on the targeted keywords.

Our seo software will automatically index all of a websites pages on a daily basis and submit them to the search engines. In addition on an ongoing basis our seo engineers will alter content if needed to yield the best possible rank results.

Seo Service Standard Summation
  • Automatically index all website pages.
  • Correct SEO Errors that decrease your websites ranking.
  • Set up Google Author Id and Publisher Id properly.
  • Custom SEO panel tools that utilize our servers.
  • Monitor your websites keyword ranking.
  • Free website hosting.
SEO Service Standard Cost Breakdown
Setup $199.00
Monthly $99.00
Total $298.00

Have questions? Call us at 123-456-7890 and we can discuss exactly what you need.

Any purchases from Sid Creations software library come with free upgrades and support.

If at anytime you do not wish to have manage your sites rankings you may cancel seo service standard subscription.